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General Lux

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[11 Sep 2008|06:16pm]
I do not- I repeat- do not care, anymore. My entries are now private for only me as as for Anna- I do not care. The fighting is rediculous, I have bigger problems to worry about right now in my life and over time, Anna will get over it and so will I. I'm not going to defend myself anymore, I shouldn't have to anyway, a relationship and especially the inner workings are between two people, it's pretty petty and pointless just like everything else- if you are my friends, then you are my friends, if you don't want to be anymore, than I'm sorry.  You do not know for sure everything that went on between us as you only have been hearing from her in any case, you don't know what made things tick and right now yes, Anna and I are pretty upset at eachother- but thats usually what happens in a break up, thats said and done, I've got more important things to worry about right now than fighting, I just throw my hands up at this entire thing and am stepping out it, theres more important things with me, and my family going on.

[18 Jan 2006|05:52am]
[ mood | giddy ]

Yo- I don't update the journal often as I'mve got too many projects at once going right now. At the moment the biggest projects being with work on a comic release due in March and a website thats in desperate need of a lazy update, but when I do update this journal it's mostly with current art workings and I do set it to friends only. Add me and leave a comment here letting me know you did and I'll add you back soon as I can~

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